How to set up meetings in Microsoft Teams?

  • Chat with your team and host online meetings for up to 300 users in Teams.
  • You can schedule a meeting in Teams, which will show up in the Outlook calendar, and vice versa.

Start scheduling a meeting

1. Go to Calendar tab -> select New meeting button.

2. Give a title to your meeting, select the attendees for your meeting and choose the date and time.

  • You are also able to select a recurring meeting from the dropdown menu of the Does not repeat button. Here you can choose if you want your meeting to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, or a custom recurrence

3. You can also add details for your meeting in the box below.

4.  When you are ready select Send button.

5. Your meeting will be added to your Teams Calendar.

  • you can also view the set-up meeting in your Microsoft Outlook calendar.

6. If you want to join click on the meeting and a pop-up will be displayed -> click join.

  • you can also join the meeting from Microsoft Outlook.

Cancel a meeting

  • In case you changed your mind or made a mistake, you can delete the outgoing meeting any time you want as long as the meeting has not begun.

1. Go to Calendar -> select the meeting you just create and double click.

2. A new window will be displayed -> click the Cancel meeting button.


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