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What is Microsoft Azure

The Azure system and infrastructure is a complex one with a multitude of services and options.

But what’s important to keep in mind is this – through Azure you gain access to a set of
professional cloud services geared to various technological scenarios. E.g.:

Backups for your company’s documents and resources

Your own server
in the cloud

Advanced security tools for your devices and for protecting confidential data

Virtual machines and databases that can run many programming languages

And equally important is that you can do all this without worrying about the malfunction of your hardware or it getting obsolete,
precisely because you’re accessing global data centers.

Cloud apps

The idea is simple – instead of holding several apps or various documents on your own server, you can migrate them to a data center.

We believe the biggest benefits for you are these:

  • No downtime – you always have provided your workflows and access to your data
  • Scalability – you can easily increase or decrease the necessary resources
  • No upfront hardware investment – the pricing system is a lot simplified in that you only pay for the used resources, nothing more, nothing less
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Azure is a complex solution.
Let’s talk and see how it can help you.

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Backup system

Azure Backup module provides you with a professional backup service
to protect all your company information and documents.

  • You have a secure and stable backup solution with countless copies of your data in Microsoft data centers
    in various locations for geographical redundancy
  • Your data and documents are encrypted in transit – this way, even if someone could intercept your information,
    they are still safe, being encrypted
  • The solution is an integrated one – it works both for saving your local data from your computers or servers –,
    and for saving the data you have already migrated to the cloud

Enterprise Mobility + Security

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security symbol – Information protection

Protect your company’s confidential data, but at the same time allow secure collaboration

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security symbol – Control identity and access in the cloud

Centrally manage single sign-on across devices, your datacenter, and the cloud

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security symbol – Identity-driven security

Comprehensive, intelligent protection against today’s advanced attacks

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security symbol – Manage mobile devices and apps

Securely manage apps and data on iOS, Android, and Windows from one place

Get access to a modern IT infrastructure

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