Keep track of your business processes

SharePoint gets you your own intranet

Create team sites
and portals

Publish content on SharePoint from any Office application

Collaborate in real time on any document

You get a flexible platform that fits your needs

Your team will collaborate and communicate in a secure environment, almost anywhere and on any device

Day by day your employees share files, work remotely, and collaborate and exchange ideas between departments.

And for that you need the right solution.


Gain time and productivity

Your team is accessing and finding quickly the info and documents it needs with SharePoint document management portals.

Eliminate the downtimes that occur when you work with several separate tools.

Your employees who work in the field remain productive and connected through SharePoint mobile tools.


Low costs and complexity

All the different collaboration tools should help you save time and money. However, all licensing costs and downtimes that occur using different platforms end up doing the opposite.

SharePoint gets you an integrated platform from just Euro 4.20 / month per user. In addition, you get business-class email through Microsoft Exchange and HD video conferencing through Microsoft Teams.


Security and access levels

Integrated security and privacy policies are active across all devices and access points.

You can easily grant access to each member of your team and set its access level.

We replicate your business processes in SharePoint

  • Version history for each contract with track changes made to it by users.
  • Export data to Excel from contract, vendors, and work points listings.
  • Definition of tasks (recurring or not) by each user related to contracts. Task notifications can be set and can be tracked whether they have been met.
  • Access rights defined at user group level.
  • Structuring financial information on expenditure and approvals so that it’s easy to track and use.
  • Different access levels and permissions granted to users.
  • Validation rules for the entered data.
  • Workflows for purchases approval.
  • Budget module – it structures budget information. Budget lines are defined annually, by project, spending categories and subcategories, and are subject to an approval workflow.
  • Expenditure module – it contains a workflow for payments’ approval for approved budgets, as well as their justification.
  • Revenue module – it structures customer and revenue information by project and revenue category. The application allows you to enter both the certain and estimated revenues into the system.
  • Access rights defined by user groups.
  • Export to Excel for expense and income lists and Excel template for tracking retirements and real and estimated cashflow.
  • Through SharePoint portals you get access to workspaces and document libraries.
  • Easily add documents or quickly create new ones directly from the portal.
  • Set up customizable permission levels for your organization’s teams.
  • Financial snapshot for projects and budgets.
  • Detailed timesheet for daily project assignment of your team’s activity.
  • Project timeline for tracking ongoing and planned projects.
  • Access rights defined by user groups.

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