Work From Home

Enjoy your office’s infrastructure, remotely

Modern workplace condition

It implies an infrastructure that is safe, fast, unified and accessible from any device.
In the modern workplace you’re productive, regardless of location.

Here’s how we can modernize your business.


Work anywhere, from any device (PC, Mac or smartphone).
We're offering customized and reliable IT solutions suited for your business.

Cloud Office

Stay productive and connected to your office library from any internet enabled device with Office 365 and G-Suite.
Find out more about Office 365.


Gain access to a secure work environment where you and your team can easily collaborate and share documents inside and outside the organization. Find out more about SharePoint.


Our proven solution is Microsoft Teams, your communication, collaboration, file transfer solution.
We're offering you a 6 months trial for Microsoft Teams.

IT Support

We’ll come up with support and solutions to modernize your IT infrastructure.
Leave your IT in our care

Stay productive and collaborate, remotely

We can help you adapt to the workplace evolution with:

We’re offering 6 months of free trial for
Microsoft Teams

When it comes to remote work, communication is the one of the main issues. To fix this, we come to your aid with a modern communication platform that you can use, free of charge, for 6 months.

Microsoft Teams offers:

  • Instant messaging and file transfer
  • Advanced integration with  Microsoft Office, SharePoint and other services
  • Group video-conference and messaging
  • Voice and video calls
  • Advanced collaboration tools such as Office file real time editing, screen sharing and more

Moreover, we will help you with the configuration – free of charge.

How can we help you


Advanced Office 365 and Microsoft 365 setup solutions for your company


SharePoint productivity and smart analytics with Power Bi


Remote Desktop & Smart VPN with advanced business grade security


Communication, collaboration and productivity with Microsoft Teams


IT Support and licensing - an entire IT department, at your service

Let’s talk about how we can help you.

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