Business Process Automation

The automation of daily, repetitive business processes​

About Business Process Automation (BPA)

We often spend too much time on manual, repetitive work activities. Companies around the world have begun to invest in automating these processes to increase productivity and workflow efficiency.

Digital transformation begins with simplifying workflows.

Digital transformation is about taking advantage of emerging technology that reimagines business efficiency and helps employees focus on activities that bring value to the company.

What is BPA?

It refers to the streamlining of workflow and the optimization of business processes. BPA may involve using software applications, robotics, artificial intelligence and other technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations.

By automating these tasks, companies can allocate resources to higher-value activities that require more strategic thinking and creativity.

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Why do we need automations?

Workflow automation is the core of modern business management


Save time by simplifying the workflows in your company

Automation simplifies business processes such as data entry, social media updates, inventory, reports and more, increasing productivity and reducing costs.


Reduces the number of mistakes errors

Adding an automated solution to your company’s processes will allow employees to perform their daily responsibilities smoothly, without human error.


Employees can focus on more strategic and impactful work

Automation provides a frictionless environment where employees can thrive. You can free your employees from repetitive and routine processes, making the team happier.

What is an RPA and how does it help us?

Process Automation with Software Robots (RPA)

Such a software tool helps define workflows for robots to perform repetitive, error-prone tasks so employees can work on more valuable activities.

It shouldn’t be difficult. In most businesses, almost every employee can use no-code or low-code automation technology.

Automating manual processes can be simple and beneficial if you choose the right software.

RPA software can easily integrate into many industries with manual and repetitive tasks that include structured data.


  • Finance & Accounting
  • Human resources
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing and Logistics
  • Sales and Marketing

For example, the human resources department can implement the automation process of leave requests with the help of software robots

The benefits of RPA in the cloud

Economical solution. Reduces working time. Increased Productivity & Accuracy

The easiest way to bring automation to your business is through cloud-based workflow automation software.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and Cloud computing are two technologies working together to provide a better business process automation solution.
This solution allows users to take advantage of the scalability and reliability of cloud infrastructure to run RPA bots.

Overall, integrating RPA in the cloud can help organizations achieve greater scalability, flexibility and efficiency in their automation initiatives while reducing costs by avoiding investing in expensive hardware and software infrastructure.

RPA bots can be hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.

  • Azure offers a range of cloud services to build, deploy and manage RPA bots.

Get access to modern IT infrastructure. 

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An RPA hosted in cloud platforms has the ability to increase or decrease computing resources as needed, ensuring that business processes are not affected.
Cloud platforms are designed with redundancy mechanisms that can ensure cloud-hosted RPA bots are highly available and resilient.


Leave everything to your employee without having extensive technical knowledge.
Anyone in your organization will be able to build and use bots. They will also be able to collect data that will allow leaders to make business decisions.


Program bots to do what you want.
Opt for a process automation platform with software robots that are managed and scaled centrally, regardless of the number of locations required.


Automate hundreds or thousands of tasks. Software bots can handle different use cases and varying amounts of data while maintaining consistent performance.


Cloud platforms offer a cost-effective way to host RPA bots. By using cloud resources, organizations can avoid spending on their infrastructure and pay only for the resources they use.


Cloud platforms provide the flexibility to deploy RPA bots in different geographic locations. Such flexibility allows organizations to serve customers in many regions with minimal latency.


Cloud platforms offer advanced security features such as data encryption, access controls, and threat detection.

Such platforms help keep RPA robots and the data they manage in a safe place.

Learn more about the Microsoft Azure cloud platform

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