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IT support, helpdesk, IT outsourcing

Or how to secure your day-to-day work, but without supporting your own IT team

What we do

Remote and on-site operations

We step in quickly when you have a problem. Most often we work it out remotely, but we also come on site when needed.

Workstations’ management

We take over the task of managing your workstations: PCs, laptops, Windows, Macs – we take care of them.
Find out more about Windows Autopilot.

Mobile devices set up

We help you manage your mobile devices and set up your work apps – email, tasks, cloud documents, etc.

Peripheric hardware management

We set up your office printers and multifunctional devices.

Network infrastructure maintenance

We make sure your network is always up and running so you don’t have downtime in your work.

Software support

We help you overcome the problems that may arise in using your software – email, cloud, Office suite, etc.

What benefits brings you IT outsourcing


An entire IT department at hand

You have immediate access to complex IT resources without having to support an internal IT department.


Access to specialized knowledge

You have at hand a team of IT specialists with a wide range of expertise.


Focusing your resources

You don’t waste time and money managing IT issues, so you focus on growing your business.


Cost reduction

Get rid of significant financial and operational costs.


Ensure your working processes

You rest assured that in the case of an issue you have a dedicated IT team to help you overcome the problem.

We offer several subscription plans,

each adapted to various levels of IT support

3 hours

90 Euro


5 hours

140 Euro


9 hours

245 Euro


15 hours

390 Euro


20 hours

480 Euro

  • The support hours can be used for remote or on-site operations
  • All support subscriptions cover the configuration and support for PCs and Macs, mobile devices, printers, Office 365, networking
  • The subscription is billed at the end of the month based on a timesheet containing all the support operations performed during the month together with their date, duration and description
  • Unused hours are carried over and are valid for one year
  • Additional hours (over those included in the subscription) are charged at the rate of 35 Euro/hour

We’ll help you choose

  • We’ll decide together which subscription is right for you and your team
  • We’ll explain to you all the associated costs, but also the long-term savings
  • We’ll come up with solutions to modernize your IT infrastructure

Leave your IT in our care

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