Migrate from Google Workspace in Microsoft 365

Migration and implementation


We can assist you in transitioning from Google Workspace and migrating your data and files to the cloud infrastructure provided by Microsoft.


We understand that the transition may seem challenging. However, we are here to support you in overcoming any issues that may arise and to show you how to make the most of your Microsoft 365 solution.

Why Microsoft 365?

Stay connected. Secure your business. Be even more productive.

The most versatile platform.

Microsoft Teams offers more solutions compared to Google Meet, such as chat, document collaboration, integration with other applications, telephony system, and more.

The Teams communication platform

Microsoft Teams is an integrated communication platform (chat, video calls, webinars, phone integration, applications) without a similar alternative offered by Google.

More Microsoft applications

There are several useful Microsoft applications available, such as Stream and Sway, for which there are no direct equivalents in Google's suite of applications.

Microsoft 365

It is better suited for companies that already use the Windows operating system due to the native integrations available.

Generous storage space for files and emails

In Microsoft 365, you have 50GB of primary mailbox space + 50GB for email archive and 1TB of space for documents in OneDrive per user. Premium licenses also offer unlimited email archiving.

Microsoft Office

Most customers have already used Microsoft Office, making the interaction with Microsoft 365 much easier.

Azure Active Directory

It has better user and device management, being the most widely used administration technology in the industry.

The desktop version of Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook has native integration with Microsoft 365 but requires a plugin to be used with Gmail.

What do we migrate?

We migrate customer data and information from Google Workspace applications and services to Microsoft applications and services.

✓ Setting up Microsoft 365 accounts and email groups

We’ll send a welcome email to each user and help you set up their accounts and migrate email groups.

✓ Configuration of mobile devices

We will help users set up their mobile devices.

✓ Setting up the Microsoft 365 portal

We will configure your Microsoft 365 portal together with security policies in accordance with best practices.

✓ Creating a SharePoint site

We will create an internal company portal for sharing and organizing files in centralized libraries.

✓ Workshop

We provide a 2-hour training session to familiarize users with the new Microsoft 365 tools.

✓ Migrating emails, contacts, and calendars

We will migrate emails, contacts, and calendars from Google Workspace using native Microsoft migration tools.

✓ Migrating documents

We will migrate documents from Google Drive to OneDrive and other documents from Team Drives to SharePoint libraries.

✓ Post-implementation support

We are here to assist you in overcoming any issues that may arise and to show you how to utilize the Microsoft 365 solution to its full potential.

Mapping Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 applications.

Learn more about Microsoft 365.

Let’s explore together if Microsoft 365 is a good fit for your company.

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