How to update your status or set a status message in Microsoft Teams?

Start updating your status

1. Select your profile picture (top-right corner).

2. Click your current status.

3. A drop-down menu appears -> choose what you want to update 

  • Available means you are online
  • Busy means you are online but occupied (the notification will still appear)
  • Do not disturb means you are online but occupied (notifications will not appear)
  • Be right back means that you will return shortly
  • Appear away means that you are away from your computer

* If you no longer need the status that you have set, you can reset it to Available -> press Reset status.

Set a status message

1. Select your profile picture (top-right corner) -> Click Set status message. 

2. Now you can set the message that you want others to see. 

  • as an alternative option, you can select “Show when people message me” if you want people to see your status only when they message or mention you.

3. You can also choose how long the message will be displayed by choosing a duration from the “Clear status message after” option  -> select Done.

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