How to Delay or Schedule emails on Microsoft Outlook?

  • In the following section, we will explain the steps you need to take to successfully create scheduled (send later) messages.
  • You can delay the delivery of a single message or delay the delivery of all messages.
  • You can specify the date and time you wish to send the message. 
  • This function is available in Outlook for Desktop/Windows. The function does not exist in Outlook on the web.

Start Scheduling emails

1.  After composing the new email go to Options tab and select Delay Delivery.

2. In the Properties window under the Delivery options make sure the box Do not deliver before, is checked.

3. Now select the date and time you want the new email to be sent then Close the window.

4.  Press Send.

Modify the scheduled emails

  • In case you changed your mind or made a mistake, you can modify the outgoing messages any time you want as long as the message was not delivered yet.
  • You can view the scheduled emails in the Outbox folder. Some other scheduled or delayed emails may go to the Drafts folder (so consider checking both folders).

1.  If you want to find the scheduled emails that have not been sent yet, go to the Outbox folder and Double-click on the intended email.

*you can also change the date and time any time you want as long as the email was not delivered.

(Repeat the previous steps)

2. Once the email will be opened choose the Options tab from the top bar and select Delay Delivery.

3.  Now select the date and time you want to change then Close the window.

4.  Press Send again.

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