Ransomware malware. A world wide problem.

Today, ransomware is a worldwide problem

First, let’s clarify what malware is. Malware is an umbrella term for any kind of malicious software.

Ransomware represents the most common type of malware. Over the last years, ransomware has become one of the biggest cyber scams to hit businesses.

“Ransomware is a theft. It is a kind of infection that if transmitted, it’s difficult to get out of. It infects all essential data and files in the user’s computer system”

We raise the awareness of Crypto-ransomware attacks

Crypto-ransomware is more destructive because it encrypts important files and data that you mostly need. After that, the encrypted files can only be restored to their normal state, using a specific decryption key. As such, many businesses have been forced to pay the ransom in exchange for a decryption key, which may not always work. In addition that ransom is usually paid in Bitcoin which is the preferred currency by the attackers. Usually, Crypto -ransomware does not target critical operating system files, allowing you (the user) to still use the computer and purchase bitcoins to pay the ransom.

"Bitcoin is an electronic currency that is much harder to trace and thus helped anonymize the transactions"
"Be aware, criminals know they can charge businesses a much higher ransom than individuals"

Example of a typical ransomware message


The malware blocks access to documents, spreadsheets, photos, videos, and other important files from your system like .doc,.xls,.mp3, etc. Once the files are encrypted, the information will become indecipherable and inaccessible. After that, the user will receive a pop-up notification demanding payment of a ransom in exchange for the decryption key. 

A successful ransom attack can disrupt businesses on a larger scale. Therefore, organizations can suffer lost productivity, loss of business and potentially the permanent loss of data.

Our suggestion to protect your business

Microsoft 365 Business Premium helps you to protect against malware and other malicious email content. Microsoft 365 Business Premium uses Microsoft Defender to help protect your devices.


Windows Defender prevents unauthorized access to common folders, such as Desktop or Documents. This means that unauthorized applications, scripts, and executable files access, will not be allowed, so any ransomware that attempts to encrypt files in these locations will be blocked.

In addition, Microsoft 365 Business Premium also helps to recover files in case of a successful ransomware attack.  

For instance, OneDrive for business has native ransomware protection, allowing you to recover pre-encrypted items by ransomware with just a few clicks.

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How the attackers may reach you?

Billing, shipping, invoice related phishing emails. 

Attackers most frequently use phishing campaigns where hackers send emails purported to be from a legitimate source. Such manipulation requests passwords or other sensitive information from you.

Visit our Phishing awareness articles to find out more about the threats and how to protect yourself and your business.

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