How to create a signature in Outlook?

  • You can easily create and add an email signature in Microsoft Outlook. Follow the below steps.
  • Signatures contain information such as your name, job title, email address, phone number, company name, images and more.
  • You can add or create multiple signatures in Microsoft Outlook and use them when you compose a new email message.

Start personalizing your signature in 5 simple steps

1.  Simply use the Search bar from the top and type “Signature” to find the  Signature option.

  • or go to Home menu -> press New email button from the top left corner or use the shortcut (Ctrl + N) then choose the Signatures option as an alternative solution.

2. The window Signatures and Stationery will be open. Press New button to start adding your new signature.

3. In the New signature dialogue box, choose a name for your new signature and press OK.

4. Now you are ready to add or compose a signature using the Edit signature section from the bottom. 

  • You can also copy-paste your signature from a word template. Follow the link to download more templates that you can use for your signature or get inspired Email signature gallery (

Once you are finished do not forget to press OK to save it.

5. After finishing composing your signature you must add it manually, by selecting Signature from the Message menu (top bar). Then choose the signature you just created from the menu that appears. 

If you have more than one signature you will be able to select them from the same fly-out menu.

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