Add or Remove watermarks in Microsoft Word

  • Start protecting your documents by using watermarks in Microsoft Word to ensure that your valuable documents cannot be reused. Moreover, by using watermarks, your documents will not be altered without your permission.
  • MS Word gives you the freedom to customize your watermark as well.
  • Delete existing watermarks any time you want without any extra time.

Start using watermarks

Learn how to use available and customs watermarks in 6 easy steps

1. Click on Design tab (from the top bar).

2. Select the watermark button -> Here, you may choose a random watermark from the available samples or simply start customizing by applying your text or image.

3. To start customizing your watermark -> click on Custom Watermark.

4. Write your message in the text field. You can also change the font, size and colour.

  • As an option, you can decide whether the layout is either diagonal or horizontal
  • It is recommended to use a semi-transparency effect for the text to keep the content visible.

5. If you want to add an image, go to the picture watermark section -> then select the Picture button.

  • It is recommended that you use the washout effect for the picture to keep the text easy to read.

When you are ready, click Apply or OK button.

6. If you want to delete the watermark, simply select the Remove Watermark option from the sub-menu.

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